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Knowing the make and model number for your shower is a must if you need to repair or replace parts like the shower stem or faucet cartridge. If you don’t know how to find it, you will after you read this. It’s about as easy as opening a jar of peanut butter, but it takes twice as long.

Delta is known for its wide range of products. Over the years, the company has released hundreds of different lines of showerheads. That’s great, but it makes it harder to find the make and model of your shower faucet.

We will walk you through the following steps to identify your faucet.

  1. Make sure you have a Delta Faucet
  2. Check packaging or instruction manual. If you don’t have that, skip to the next step.
  3. If you have a model that was made before 2004, search online. If you have a newer model, skip to the next step.
  4. Use the product identifier tool on Delta’s website.
  5. If all else fails, contact customer support.

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Finding The Model Number Instruction Manual and Packaging

The faucet model number location isn’t on the faucet itself. It’s on the packaging as well as the instruction manual. Most people don’t save that kind of stuff, or it’s in a drawer somewhere buried in a stack of other manuals.

If you can’t find the manual or packaging, you might be able to find your model number with Google or other online tools. Images of many models can be found by describing them on their website. Go to the Customer Support Section and use the Find Support Information section to identify your product.

Don’t Have the Manual or Packaging?

If you can’t find the manual, time to go online and use Delta’s website to find out. This only works if you have a newer model (5 years).

Have an older model?

You won’t be able to find your model if you have an older model because the products on Delta’s product tool only goes back a few years. So if you have a 25-year-old shower faucet, you will have to search online.

Delta rebranded their older faucets as Brizo. Delta Select changed the name of all Delta Plus products, Brizo in 2004. Although the company is still owned by Delta Faucet Company, they are designed for more “discriminating” customers. This means they are high end I guess; they are a lot pricier.

One way to find a Delta Plus model is to go to the Brizo website. Even though they’ve been rebranded, most Delta shower faucets will have their name on the drain cap or plate. Older models may also have the name MASCO on them.

But Brizo’s website doesn’t go back very far either, so you might want to contact their customer service. But it’s probably easier to Google it. Below is a picture of a catalog/ of their product line and model numbers for 2004. It comes with parts diagrams and the model numbers of Delta products.

How To Identify A Delta Kitchen Or Shower Faucet Model | Mr. Kitchen Faucets (1)

To find your older faucet model, search online for “Delta Faucet Catalog 1999” for whatever year you need. If you aren’t sure how old your faucet is, you might need to call customer service. Skip down to the customer service section to find out how.

Are all Delta Shower Valves the Same?

All Delta shower valves are universal (interchangeable). Looking at old product catalogs might be the best way to find an older model.

Where Can You Find the Make And Model Number On Delta’s Website?

Take the following steps to find your delta shower faucet make and model online. This works for both kitchen and shower sink faucets. For this example, I am looking for a shower faucet.

First, make sure it’s a Delta Faucet. If you have a newer model, you can use the product finder tool to find your faucet. Delta’s website has an app that lets you find any of its newer products.

Finding the Model Number On Delta’s Website

How To Identify A Delta Kitchen Or Shower Faucet Model | Mr. Kitchen Faucets (2)

Go to delta’s website. Head on over to the “common parts tool” on Delta’s website. Or just search “Delta find parts and identify product.” You can also go to the FAQs page to use their product finder app.

Now, go to the parts identifier tool. Choose shower components.

How To Identify A Delta Kitchen Or Shower Faucet Model | Mr. Kitchen Faucets (3)

Scroll down to the “product identifier” tool and choose bath.

How To Identify A Delta Kitchen Or Shower Faucet Model | Mr. Kitchen Faucets (4)

You’ll be taken to a new page. Now choose the showering product option.

How To Identify A Delta Kitchen Or Shower Faucet Model | Mr. Kitchen Faucets (5)

Next, you get a few more options. You can either choose “tub and shower faucets” or “shower components.

I chose shower components, but the tub and shower components work too.

How To Identify A Delta Kitchen Or Shower Faucet Model | Mr. Kitchen Faucets (6)

Now identify your faucet and click the tabs to answer questions regarding your faucet. In the example, I was looking for tub spouts.

Here’s the last identification page; choose your product. This is the final stop before your shower faucet model number pops up.

How To Identify A Delta Kitchen Or Shower Faucet Model | Mr. Kitchen Faucets (7)

Finally, after a couple of minutes, you’ll be taken to the results page. Hooray, good for you! Now you can use it for what you need or find the manual online. Everything is online.

But if you can’t find a matching product, you can get some guidance from a customer service representative.

How do I contact Delta Faucet Customer Service?

You couldn’t order a pizza on the internet until 1994. Even then, you could only get Pizza Hut. Now everything is online, even your grandma. But, sometimes, you can’t find what you are looking for. If you need more assistance, you can call customer service.

Delta is known for honoring its warranties and for good customer service. There are three different ways you can contact Delta.

  • You can call their customer service line: (800) 345-DELTA. They are available Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 9 PM eastern time and Saturday from 9 AM to 6 PM Eastern time.
  • If you are outside business hours and you want to contact customer service, email them at
  • You can also write them a letter if you want. Make sure it’s addressed to Delta Faucet Company Attn: Product Service 55 E. 111th St. Indianapolis, IN 46280

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How To Identify A Delta Kitchen Or Shower Faucet Model | Mr. Kitchen Faucets (2024)
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