5 Best Shower Faucets (2024 Guide) (2024)

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A good shower can make all of the difference. Finding a shower faucet that produces the correct temperature and pressure settings can turn your daily rinse from a chore into a relaxing experience you’ll look forward to.202

In this roundup and buying guide, our Reviews Team takes a look at the best shower faucets to suit a variety of bathroom setups, budgets, and personal preferences. Here are our top picks

Top 5 Shower Faucets

Compare Top Shower Faucets

ProductHead TypeWand TypeNumber of Control KnobsWarranty
ELLO&ALLO Shower Panel Tower SystemRainHandheld32 years
GABRYLLY Shower SystemRainHandheld1Not listed
SR SUN RISE Shower SystemFixedHandheld1Lifetime with a five-year replacement window
Delta Faucet Ashlyn Monitor Shower SetFixedHandheld1Lifetime
KES Shower Faucet SetRainHandheld11 year
ProductHead TypeWand TypeNumber of Control KnobsWarranty

Best Shower Panel: ELLO&ALLO Shower Panel Tower System

5 Best Shower Faucets (2024 Guide) (1)Courtesy Amazon

ELLO&ALLO Shower Panel Tower System

  • $246.08

Prices taken at time of publishing.

This luxury shower faucet features a rainfall shower head, a temperature display, multiple massage jets, and a handheld wand. One feature we liked was that the side of the panel has a button to turn the blue LED lights on to illuminate the rain shower head and temperature display if you like the look or want better visibility.

Pros and Cons

✔ Has LED lighting for the temperature display
✔ Comes with two massagers, a tub spout, a rain head, and a handheld head
✔ Has three knobs to control the different spouts and heads

✘ Costs a lot with all of the extra features
✘ Comes in minimal finishes

What Customers Are Saying

Customers raved about the thermostat, which allowed them to set the water to the perfect hot or warm temperature. Many we found also liked the system’s finish, which was attractive and didn’t show water spots. Negative reviews criticized this shower faucet for leaking or rusting after a few years of use.

Most Customizable: GABRYLLY Shower System

5 Best Shower Faucets (2024 Guide) (2)Courtesy Amazon

GABRYLLY Shower System

  • $166

Prices taken at time of publishing.

This combination setup features a rain shower head and a handheld wand that are controlled using the included panel. The fixed shower head has a diameter of eight inches, though we found that it’s available in other sizes if you have a larger shower to fill. To match the sink faucet, towel bar, and other fixtures in your bathroom, you can also customize the finish of all of the pieces.

Pros and Cons

✔ Installs with standard United States plumbing connections
✔ Includes one fixed and one handheld showerhead
✔ Comes with a valve that maintains the water pressure and adjusts the water temperature

✘ Criticized by some for having parts that don’t work together
✘ Has a long assembly process with parts that connect to your shower wall in four places

What Customers Are Saying

Many Amazon customers said that this system made a beautiful addition to their newly renovated shower. Over and over again, reviews we found praised this model for being stylish and affordable. However, unhappy customers mentioned a poor design with parts that didn’t work together.

Most Spray Patterns: SR SUN RISE Shower System

5 Best Shower Faucets (2024 Guide) (3)Courtesy Amazon

SR SUN RISE Shower System

  • $71.37
  • $79.3
  • 10% off

Prices taken at time of publishing.

Both the overhead and handheld shower heads in this pressure-balancing system offer six spray patterns ranging from mist to massage. We noted that included with your purchase is a three-way water diverter with an anti-swivel lock nut and an angle-adjustable overhead bracket to install the heads and use one or both of them at once.

Pros and Cons

✔ Has an affordable price
✔ Comes in several finishes to match the other fixtures in your bathroom
✔ Can purchase a version that works with shower and tub combos

✘ Comes with two small heads
✘ Has weak water pressure, according to some customers

What Customers Are Saying

Numerous reviews noted that this shower faucet was structurally sound, easy to install, and reasonably priced. Many customers our team read reviews of were impressed with the careful packaging of each component and the beautiful look of all of the pieces together. On the other hand, displeased customers said that this shower faucet had poor water pressure and arrived with the wrong parts.

Best Magnetic System: Delta Faucet Ashlyn Monitor Shower Set

5 Best Shower Faucets (2024 Guide) (4)Courtesy Amazon

Delta Faucet Ashlyn Monitor Shower Set

  • $288.3

Prices taken at time of publishing.

We like that this shower faucet includes a handheld wand that’s nestled inside of a larger wall-mounted head using magnets. The head offers full-body spray, massaging spray, full-body spray with massage, and pause settings. Plus, if you want all of your bathroom fixtures to match, you can pair this system with Delta Faucet’s other Ashlyn collection accessories.

Pros and Cons

✔ Meets standards from the Americans with Disabilities Act
✔ Features four powerful spray options
✔ Includes a shower valve that maintains an even temperature

✘ Doesn’t include the rough-in valve
✘ Has a long hose that may get in the way

What Customers Are Saying

Many reviewers noted that this shower faucet was easy to install. They also loved its superior temperature control and beautiful design. In contrast, we also found some negative reviews noted that the hose was too long, causing it to frequently hit the shower wall.

Largest Rain Head: KES Shower Faucet Set

5 Best Shower Faucets (2024 Guide) (5)Courtesy Amazon

KES Shower Faucet Set

  • $180.9

Prices taken at time of publishing.

This shower faucet includes a large rain shower head, a handheld shower head with an attached hose, and an adjustable single handle. We like that the components are made from a mix of stainless and brass, which can withstand high temperatures and pressures to provide you with years of showers. The only non-metal pieces are the silicone nozzles that pour water over your head with minimal mineral buildup.

Pros and Cons

✔ Can use the rain shower head and handheld shower head one at a time or simultaneously
✔ Features easy-to-clean silicone water nozzles
✔ Comes with an extra aerator with a water flow rate of 1.8 GPM (gallons per minute) to give you a high-pressure shower experience while using less water

✘ Uses a valve that can make a rattling noise
✘ Noted by some customers that the advertised dimensions are incorrect

What Customers Are Saying

Customers we found loved the affordable price point, high water pressure, and high-quality design of this shower faucet. Many also enjoyed using handheld and rain shower heads at the same time. Negative reviews noted that the advertised dimensions were incorrect and that the valve made unsettling noises.

Shower Faucet Buying Guide

The right shower faucet can make getting clean an enjoyable experience rather than a chore. We put together this buying guide to help you pick the best shower faucet for your bathroom.

Head Type

There are several types of shower heads. They include:

  • Adjustable: This shower head offers multiple spray patterns.
  • Handheld: Handheld shower heads attach to a hose to help you to clean hard-to-reach places.
  • Massage: This shower head has a high-pressure spray pattern that targets sore muscles.
  • Rain: This large overhead shower head features multiple nozzles that mimic the feeling of rain pouring over your body.
  • Single: This shower head has a single spray pattern.


Shower faucets typically have a matte or metallic finish. Choose a finish that matches the existing fixtures in your bathroom. Popular finishes include:

  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Brushed nickel
  • Chrome
  • Copper
  • Matte black
  • Matte white
  • Oil-rubbed bronze
  • Stainless steel

Spray Pattern

Shower water can range from low-pressure rainfall to targeted, high-pressure spray. Most shower heads offer between three and six adjustable spray patterns. If you have an overhead and handheld shower head combo, you can experience two different spray patterns at once.


Shower faucets have buttons, levers, or knobs that adjust the spray pattern and temperature of the water from their head. Buttons and knobs are usually attached to a control panel, while levers are attached to the shower head.

How to Use Less Water While Showering

A high-quality showerhead that produces a solid amount of water pressure can help you shower quicker and use less water. If you’re looking for other ways to conserve, consider these steps to reduce your water usage while showering.

Install a low-flow showerhead: One way to preserve water is to replace your current showerhead with a low-flow or water-efficient showerhead. These showerheads are designed to reduce water flow while still providing a relaxing shower experience. For example, the KES Shower Faucet produces only a flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute (GPM) but still provides ample pressure.

Take shorter showers: Limiting the amount of time you spend in the shower can help reduce water usage. Set a timer or use a waterproof shower timer to keep track of your shower duration. Aim for showers that take less than 10 minutes.

Turn off the water when not needed: While shampooing, conditioning, or lathering up with soap, turn off the shower to avoid unnecessary water wastage. Turn it back on only when you need to rinse off.

Opt for a shower instead of a bath: Showers generally use less water compared to baths, so choosing to take a shower instead of using excess water for a bath whenever possible can help save water.

Fix any leaks or drips: Regularly check for and repair any leaks or drips in your shower system. Even small leaks can waste a significant amount of water if not properly cared for.

Shower Faucet FAQ

How do I clean my shower faucet?

Clean your shower head, faucet, handle, and other metallic components with a vinegar solution to prevent mold and grime buildup. You can use a brush with stiff bristles to remove clogs from the shower head’s nozzles.

Can I install a shower faucet myself?

Yes. Most shower faucets come with installation instructions and hardware. However, if you don’t want to install your shower faucet yourself, you can hire a plumber to do it instead.

Why should I get a shower faucet with multiple heads?

Multiple shower heads provide a more thorough and relaxing cleaning experience. You can use the handheld shower head to target hard-to-reach areas of your body while you’re standing underneath the relaxing spray from the rain shower head.

How We Selected the Best Shower Faucets

To provide our readers with the best recommendations possible, we rely on several key sources of information to help guide our selection process.

Initial Research: Our research process began by generating a list of faucets with a significant number of verified-buyer reviews and an average customer review rating of 4–5 stars. We looked at positive and negative reviews alike, focusing on information from both satisfied and critical buyers.

Expert Insights: Through our years of experience, we’ve learned that listening to what others have to say is key to building accurate, well-rounded articles. To complement our in-house expertise, our team looked at reviews and videos from trusted publications and independent testers, spoke with subject matter experts, and drew insights from reader contributions.

Final Product Selection: We then began fine-tuning our list by replacing older models with the latest versions and eliminating any discontinued models. From there, we pared the list down further by comparing each model’s feature set and selecting the best-in-class options for a variety of buyers, budgets, and scenarios.

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5 Best Shower Faucets (2024 Guide) (2024)
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